Deepti Chandak

Deepti Chandak was seen wearing a piece from our Shibori Collection. This White and Blue shaded organza saree is called White Haze. This saree is a part of the Idha range of House of Deepthi. You can find the link to this product below.

She is an award-winning International Blogger and Entrepreneur focusing on the niches of Travel, Food, Fashion & Entertainment. She goes by the username @jivewithdeepti on instagram. Her verified account has around 723k followers and is regarded as a Key Social Influencer in Asia & the Middle East.

Her celebration of the 75th Independence Day of India in the White Haze makes us tremendously proud. Her Instagram post with this outfit has more than 8,000 likes. This instagram post can be seen below:

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The Idha Range of House of Deepthi:

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Find Deepti Chandak's preferred saree The White Haze below: