Drishti Gwalani

Drishti Gwalani is an enthusiastic influencer specialising in the fields of  Entertainment, Fashion And Lifestyle. With an influencer base of over 67k followers and more than a 1000 posts, she has amassed a following for her captivating content. 

Drishti has chosen two sarees from the Chira range of House of Deepthi for which she has made two reels. The entrancing hot pink saree is called The 70's Baby from the Quirks of Chira collection. Moreover, the intoxicating black saree is one of our best sellers called Fauna in the Jungle from the Hues of Chira collection.

Her exciting transitions and impeccable sound choice has demonstrated these energetic sarees in a great light. 

Drishti's reels with these sarees can be seen below:

Drishti Gwalani's Chira styling reel

Drishti Gwalani Fauna in the Jungle reel

If you want to style this saree with your unique fashion sense, you can find these sarees below: 

The 70's Baby Saree

The best-selling Fauna in the Jungle Saree


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